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Christmas 1997 photo's

Okay, so this isn't Christmas but it was part of our holiday season, this was Thanksgiving 1997. Daddy and ZoŽ are saying grace while mommy snaps a photo for posterity.


tree top
and here is ZoŽ putting the finishing touches on our Christmas tree


fire Our first fire, in our new fireplace. Picture perfect if you ask me! (something I had forgotten but ZoŽ reminded me of) the middle poinsettia plant had a cricket living in it for awhile, this can be very annoying at 2:00 in the morning


Here we are Christmas eve morning ZoŽ still in her pj's making cookies for Santa. cookies


Zo and Rob
Christmas Eve evening, mommy wasn't able to travel yet and Uncle Robert came home on leave to surprise us all! So ZoŽ was aloud to open a few gifts the night before.


Christmas morning
Christmas morning
these are the best gifts I have ever received, ZoŽ and new sister Sonja(9 days old)

sleeping bag here is ZoŽ checking out some of her loot, Thanks Santa gift


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