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About Sonja (the first six months)

Sonja was born December 16th 1997. She was 9lbs. 2oz and 20" . Now at six months she weighs 17lbs. and is 27" long. Sonja has brown hair, blue eyes, and a delightful toothless grin. Her hobbies include comando crawling, excessive drooling, and toe chewing. She has one sibling, a sister named ZoŽ who just turned four this past April (Check out her page)


Baby's first picture

Sony 13min's old


Ready to leave for home (4 days old)

First bath at home

My First Photo Shoot (7weeks)

My first swim (5 months)

Hobbie time


Reflections Of Sonja

Sonja's main home page

Sonja's 1st Birthday

If you have the time please stop by and sign her card, it's her very own guestbook

Sonja's Site part 2

now that Sonja has grown, so has her site click here to see more

Some Graphics From Irene's Winnie The Pooh Page

Some Graphics From Silly Bear


Sonja's site
Is A Proud Member of the