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Sonja's 1st Birthday


Happy Birthday to you!      Happy Birthday to you!      Happy Birthday dear Sonja,       Happy Birthday to you!     

My 1st birthday has come and gone, it wasn't as traumatic for mommy as she thought it would be. She's such a nut *G* I had lots of fun at my party. It was small just my mom, dad, sister, and cousins. Also my Aunt Katie and Uncle Mike I can't forget them (they are just kids too you know). Sorry mommy doesn't have many pictures because she had camera troubles but there are enough to let you see my day! I hope you enjoy them.
Some very special people in my life sent me E-mail cards and graphics just for my Birthday, if you would like to see them I'm calling it my Cyber Birthday Gifts page.

Thanks and Happy Birthday to you too, when ever it may be!


The BIG 1
Mommy had this picture taken, it's my "offical" birthday picture


birthday tree
This is my birthday tree. cute huh? well mommy had more things to put on it but she ran out of time,
shhhh, she falls behind schedule alot


helping out
I'm such a good girl, I'm helping mommy get my tree ready :-)


this is my cake

nummy nummy
and this is me eating my cake, with my big sister ZoŽ


from left to right, Renee, Meghan, Sonja (me) and Sarah
I got the toy from my Aunt Sheila and Uncle Glenn (the guy in the back ground)
I just love to chase it around the kitchen floor, it's remote controlled you know!

I also received many nice things from the rest of my family and I want to thank them all for remembering me and sharing in my special day.


If you want to sign my birthday card I would really like that. This is a guestbook all of my own and you can view it here, Lots of wonderful people signed it for me. Mommy is going to print it out for me so when I get older I can read them all my self :-)


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