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ZoŽ 's Zone

photo's and favorite things

I am now five years old, I love Pooh Bear, The Wizard of Oz, Blues Clues, and my baby sister Sonja. I will be starting school in the fall and I'm very excited about it! When I grow up I want to be a Doctor, like my Dr.Susie, or an astronaut and fly to the moon. Mommy said maybe by then I can be a doctor on the moon, who know's? So remember to check back in for more updates.


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Michael Alan's transformers

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My 4th birthday party

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ZoŽ 's baby days

comming soon ZoŽ's 5th birthday

ZoŽ's Favorite Places

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coloring fun with Mulan follow the yellow brick road nasa sonjas pooh page for fun with blue arthur and dw stuff

twinky winky magic school bus

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